First-class instruments demand the utmost care


State-of-the-art production and craftsmanship

SMI – Medical Instruments GmbH & CO. KG guarantees the highest quality. Our first-class instruments are made with the utmost care from the highest-quality materials. Precise controls and tests are standard at SMI. Our highly trained personnel are conscious of the great responsibility they bear – this is essential in medical technology.

We always strive to meet even the most stringent quality specifications. The foundations of our work are perfection, responsibility, loyalty, and the efficient teamwork of all SMI employees.


Finest materials, comprehensive expertise

SMI – Medical Instruments GmbH & CO. KG provides a wide range of services, support and solutions.

This exceptional expertise is highly appreciated by our long-standing customers. We manufacture all our instruments precisely according to your ideas, specifications and plans.

During production we employ selected raw materials (the best steel and titanium alloys) as well as state-of-the-art production technologies and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Standard &
Specialized Instruments

From general surgical to highly specialized instruments, we can meet all your requirements.


Would you like to develop your own instrument or further adapt an existing instrument? We’d be delighted to help – it’s our bread and butter.


The benefit of our extremely high-quality standards is particularly evident in the production of the very smallest instruments. Your requirements are our incentive.


Neurosurgical instruments are subject to very particular handling and functional requirements. It’s a subject we are very familiar with at SMI.


We’re pleased to offer you support

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